Care Instructions

Preserved roses make great gifts; not only because they help you keep wonderful memories for long, but also because they do not require special care or skills to keep them looking beautiful. Preserved roses do not wither fast like normal roses and you also do not need to spend a lot of energy and time in taking care of them. Here are some tips that will help your preserved roses fresh and beautiful for a long time. 

Avoid exposing preserved roses to heat or direct sunlight

If these beautiful roses are exposed to direct sunlight for long, it may lead to loss of color in the preserved flowers. Extended exposure to sunlight or heat may also affect the texture of the lovely roses.

Avoid contact of Preserved Roses with water

The roses may lose their properties if they are exposed to water. Even though the preserved roses look exactly like a fresh rose, they would not last for long if they are brought in contact with water. Ideally, these flowers should be protected from humidity also. Forget about watering these roses forever.

Use Dry Cool Air Strem to clean Preserved Roses

With time, these roses may accumulate dust which can be easily cleaned with a feather duster. Otherwise, you may use a hairdryer to blow cold air stream to remove the dust from the petals. If your preserved flowers are collecting dust easily, you can clean them frequently as required.

Keep The Roses Indoors

There are many elements like sunlight, dust, humidity, wind that may adversely impact the quality of preserved roses. It’s advisable to keep them indoors while taking care of the rose arrangements in our gifts.

Keep Preserved Roses In A Cool and Dry Place

Excess of humidity and heat affects the quality of any flower. There are many places in a house that are more humid as compared to others. Certain areas may be exposed to sunlight too. Keep the preserved roses in a cool and dry place.