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Preserved Pink Iluba Rose in Dome Glass

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A preserved pink rose is the best gift for romantic relationships. With the Iluba Roses preserved pink rose in dome glass, the expression of your love will stay for years to come. This single pink rose is a great gift for anniversary, valentine’s day or your lover’s birthday. The classy dome glass vase makes it look more amazing and adds to the romantic feelings of the pink flower. Your lover will want to display the preserved pink rose on a shelf or table where everyone can see it.

We cut fresh pink roses when they’re at the peak of their beauty. Our expert florists craft the freshly cut pink flowers to enhance their look and feel. After this, the flowers go through a preservation process which ensures that the pink rose stays as charming as a freshly cut rose. There is simply no better way to express your love and romance than this beautiful Iluba Roses gift box with preserved pink rose.

The beautiful preserved rose in pink color looks amazing in the dome vase. The glass of the vase can be removed to add any surprise items like rings. This 100% natural rose will stay for years as a mark of your true love and feelings.

Iluba Rose Preserved Pink Rose In Dome Glass Vase: Product Specifications

A single preserved iluba rose Black color in a dome glass for those who love luxury and beauty.
Size of the rose: 9-10 cm
Diameter of the glass dom: 15 cm *25 cm
Size of the wooden base is 17*2 cm

The product is delivered in a cute black gift box.

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Our products are the best choice for Engagement and wedding gifts, wedding decorations, anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthday, Mother's Day, Friendship Day, or any other special occasions and home decoration. Preserved roses are a symbol of true love, best gift for girls and lovers.