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Preserved Purple Rose in Dome Glass

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Iluba Roses Preserved Purple Rose is a symbol of eternal love. This is a unique gift and you can give it to anyone you love. The beautiful purple flower can be gifted on any occasion or just to express your feelings. The preserved purple rose comes in a transparent glass dome vase that protects the flower from dust or other harmful particles in the air. Preserved roses are also called forever rose because they can last for years, unlike a normal rose.

The lovely gift is prepared from a natural purple rose by a special preservation process. Our florists pick the best rose flowers that are at the peak of their beauty and craft them to perfection. After that the purple flowers are preserved so that their beauty stays like a freshly cut rose. This unique gift from Iluba Roses does not require special attention for its care. Just keep the glass vase with the preserved rose away from direct sunlight or any exposure to heat.

Our forever purple rose is known for its bright color and grand texture. The purple flower is very delicate, please do not remove the dome vase frequently. The dome vse is removable and you can keep a small gift like a ring or something else inside it. There is no need to water the rose and do not expose it to heat or humidity. It has a long life and you can order it now even if you need to send it as a gift later. Iluba Roses preserved purpose rose will change the complete look of the area where it’s kept.

Iluba Roses Preserved Purple Rose In Dome Vase: Product Specifications

Iluba rose in removable dome glass. You can add rings or something else inside the dome to surprise the one you want to send.

Rose head Size:9-10cm
Diameter Glass size:D15*H25cm
Wooden base size: D17*H2cm
Package:gift box packing

Iluba Rose is the leading online gift shop in Saudi Arabia that specialises in preserved rose gift products. All our products are delivered to Riyadh, Jeddah and all other small and big towns in Saudi Arabia.

Our products are the best choice for Engagement and wedding gifts, wedding decorations, anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthday, Mother's Day, Friendship Day, or any other special occasions and home decoration. Preserved roses are a symbol of true love, best gift for girls and lovers.