About Preserved Roses


Preserved Roses are 100% natural roses that have been specially treated to ensure that the fresh and delicate look of a rose flower is maintained for at least a year, or longer in many cases. The substances used in the preservation process of these roses are all non-toxic and non-corrosive in nature. These lovely roses are completely safe to be used and pose no health risks to you or the environment. Most of the roses used in our products are grown in farms in Ecuador. The environment there is perfect for the growth of a wide variety of roses with the biggest blooms.  


About Long Life Roses


Preserved Roses is Saudi Arabia’s most popular gift store with a wide range of products made from preserved roses. Our fashionable and premium products are designed by our expert florists with years of experience. Through our gift products. We have transformed the idea of gifting rose flowers by preserving their beauty, color, and texture. The preserved roses used in our gift products easily last for up to 3 years and do not require a lot of care. Preserved Roses gift products are used by our customers to communicate their sentiments and feelings in an elegant style with a gift that symbolizes glamour, luxury, and eternal love.


The professional floral designers at our flower shop devote their time in crafting gifts to perfection. The roses used in our gift products or flower boxes are selected from a large number of rose flowers. Only the most beautiful roses at the peak of their natural beauty are picked to be used in our gift products. These lovely flowers are then handcrafted to enhance their aesthetic appearance. Then we use our special proprietary preservation process to extend the lives of the roses. Our gift boxes are also designed with a taste of luxury and elegance. We are delivering the best quality of gifts made with forever roses that last for years. 


Our unique products are not just used as gifts, these beautiful items of beauty and luxury are used as decorations and given as souvenirs too. Whether it’s your anniversary or your loved one’s birthday or any other special occasion like a wedding, a corporate event or a fundraiser, our products will never fail to dazzle with their luxurious and exotic look. Contact us for bulk orders.