• Preserved Yellow Rose Flowers Gift Box

Iluba Roses Preserved Yellow Rose Flower Gift Box has natural yellow roses that are preserved using a special technique. The lovely yellow flowers have an outstanding appearance that easily lasts for months, even years. Their fresh look and delicate touch is maintained for a long time. The elegant flower gift box is specially designed for the lovely yellow flowers and adds a classic touch to the whole experience.

Iluba Roses Preserved Yellow Rose Flower Gift Box is a nice gift for mother’s day, valentine’s day, friendship day, wedding or anniversary. The preserved yellow roses are roses that last much longer than regular rose flowers. They are carefully placed in the flower gift box and should not be touched too frequently. The eternal yellow flowers look gorgeous and they make the sentiments of the gift and the occasion last for a long time.

The preserved roses do not require extensive care, just keep them away from heat and humidity. The yellow roses should never be watered as the water will affect the color and texture of the flower negatively. Normally, the yellow rose flowers would stay like a freshly cut rose, for up to 3 years. Iluba Roses makes sure that all its preserved roses are prepared from the best quality premium roses. The beautiful flower gift box will never fail to impress.


Iluba Roses Preserved Yellow Rose Flower Gift Box: Product Specifications

Our signature top-quality natural "Iluba Roses" (preserved roses), that stay fresh for one to three years, carefully prepared in a luxury handcrafted leather box.

Number of Flowers: 17-20

Rose head Size: 5-6 cm

Box material: outside leather paper , flocking inside

Iluba Rose is the leading online gift shop in Saudi Arabia that specialises in preserved rose gift products. All our products are delivered to Riyadh, Jeddah and all other small and big towns in Saudi Arabia. 

Our products are the best choice for Engagement and wedding gifts, wedding decorations, anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthday, Mother's Day, Friendship Day, or any other special occasions and home decoration. Preserved roses are a symbol of true love, best gift for girls and lovers.

Preserved Yellow Rose Flowers Gift Box

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