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Preserved Yellow Roses Heart Shaped Box

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Yellow roses are one of the loveliest roses and can be gifted on any occasion to anyone. Unlike red or blue rose flowers, yellow roses do not have any romantic meaning associated with them. That makes the Iluba Roses Preserved Yellow Roses Heart Shaped Bouquet one of the most popular gifts on our gift store online. These beautiful yellow flowers symbolize the feelings of warmth and life energy and can be a perfect choice for any occasion from Mother’s day to Friendship day.

Iluba Roses gift products have emerged as one of the most popular choices for preserved roses and gifts made with them. All our gift products including the Heart-Shaped Box With Preserved Yellow Roses use natural roses that are picked from the garden by expert florists. These beautiful flowers are then preserved using special techniques that make the roses stay beautiful for years. All our preserved roses require minimum care and last long.

Iluba Roses has changed the way people see and use roses. This beautiful gift bouquet with preserved yellow roses is cherished for a long time, unlike regular roses that get spoiled so fast. To make these roses stay as beautiful as a fresh rose, just keep them away from sunlight and humidity. Avoid any exposure to heat as it may affect the texture and color of the roses. The lovely yellow roses can be cleaned using a feather duster if required.

Iluba Roses Preserved Yellow Roses Heart Shaped Bouquet: Product Specifications

Heart-shaped box filled with iluba Roses long life roses for those who love beauty and luxury. No of Roses: Around 24
Diameter of each rose: 4-5 cm.
Diameter of the box: 36*36*13.5 cm.

Iluba Roses is the leading online gift shop in Saudi Arabia that specializes in preserved rose gifts. All our products are delivered to Riyadh, Jeddah and all other small and big towns in Saudi Arabia.

Our products are the best choice for Engagement and wedding gifts, wedding decorations, anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthday, Mother's Day, Friendship Day, or any other special occasions and home decoration. Preserved roses are a symbol of true love, best gift for girls and lovers.